Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy birthday GayBombay

Yesterday evening I attended the 11th anniversary meeting of GayBombay. The gather point was McDonalds at Bandra. That's the chance for me to check the chain in India. Well, it is pretty the same as everywhere, even in taste.

The location was selected because here the first life meeting of the group was hold.

There were about 15 people gathered there at 18:00. We moved on to the home of Rish. More people come later. Rish lives with his parent, grandma and his sister. He is fully outed and his family supports him. It's really supprising to see this in real.

Later more people arrived. There were in total about 25 persons gathered in the living room of the family. It is amazing, this group between 21 and 40-something (I am among the oldest).

The meeting began with a selfintroduction of all the attendants. The big celebration after that was for the 11th birthday of GB. A cake was cut by the four ladies (one of them is the grandma) attending the meeting and distributed to all the attendants. There was a discussion about what is everybody's experience in the group and what are their expectations for the future. Hearing them talk about their experience and about the future they wish gives me a quite good understanding about how the pulse of life is here in this city. It happend that I was the last one who should speak out. It was difficult for me, looking in all the faces, as someone who just got into contact for 24 hours, to say anything that is really helpful. I can only marvel all what they had accomplished so far and wish them more success in the future.

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